Happy 28th Anniversary to Me
Posted on Apr 8th 2017 at 10:16 AM
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Even though I'm estranged from my wife, that will not deter me from enjoying and celebrating the day.  I enjoyed getting married, I enjoyed sharing life with her for 20+ years, and I have many great memories.

My 6 kids live with me, I have fairly good health, a great appetite for good-tasting food, and the best part is that when I was just 8 years old, the Light of the Lord shown into my heart revealing my need for Jesus Christ to be my Savior.  I'm truly blessed.  PTL.

Last year we went to Five-Guys and a few other places.  Due to our work schedules today, we will be getting Chinese Food from Ricky's Hong Kong at Kings Village here in Minersville.  Haha, don't bother showing up at my door requesting a platter because I did not mail out any invites to attend.  The best I will do is give you directions to Ricky's.  :-)  :-)