My Mom's Obituary
Posted on Apr 23rd 2023 at 05:51 PM
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It is with a sad but thankful heart that I share this obituary.  My mom was 82, and her health had begun to decline over the past several years.  However, she was alert and able to talk until the very end.  She had Dying Grace --- something my dad insisted that we will receive when it's our turn to die --- but something I had never witnessed first hand.

My children, my wife, and myself were privileged to witness Dying Grace or Dying Peace that the Lord gave to my mom during her final 24 hours of life.  She was clear-headed and able to know who was with her, she requested hymns for us to sing, and she insisted on giving my wife Judy a hug.  What great memories we will cherish of her during life and during her crossing over to Heaven.!/Obituary