A few 2018 photo memories

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At Roxbury Camp in our rented deluxe golf cart:

In our barn:

Mark is on Team Jesus:

Waving to Holly:

Our 2018 Graduate!!

The church my dad pastored in Mahanoy City during his retirement:

Jake on Ellis Island:

Jill went to Disneyland in Florida:

My kids took a trip to the Ark in Ohio:

My mom's birthday:

Jills new car:

Jake in Peru:

Happy 21st Birthday to Billy

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Happy Birthday Billy

Happy 20th Birthday to Pete

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Happy 23rd Birthday Holly

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Happy 23rd Birthday to Holly.

London Trip

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Leaving for London right now. John & JoLene Hawbaker will be the chaperones for my 3 kids: Jill, Jake and Holly.

Psalms 121:8 - "The LORD shall preserve thy going out and thy coming in from this time forth, and even for evermore."

Happy 23rd Birthday Jake

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Left:  Jill                       

Center:   Jake                    

Right:  Holly

Bread Day

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I made 13 loaves today for a few friends, and then I made one extra loaf for our house church meal.

Happy 15th Birthday Mark

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Happy 15th Birthday Mark


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And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.   But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.  Matthew 24:12‭-‬13

Endurance - noun - To continue, despite fatigue, stress, or other adverse conditions.

Work out your salvation with fear and trembling. Philippians 2:12

But I keep under my body, and bring it into subjection: lest that by any means, when I have preached to others, I myself should be a castaway.  I Corinthians 9:27


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Candy Night

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My family doesn't celebrate halloween, but we do give out a nice assortment of candy plus several hundred gospel Chick Tracts.

The final results:  Nearly all 500 bags that Jill & Holly made were given out.  And I thought I would get a treat from the few leftover bags --- but hmmmmm, it seems they have all disappeared.

Praise the Lord by the Imperials

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Praise the Lord on Youtube by the Imperials

I listened to this on 8-track way back in 1979 --- sing along and remember to always Praise the Lord.

When you're up against a struggle -- that shatters all your dreams

And your hopes have been cruelly crushed by Satan's manifested schemes

And you feel the urge within you to submit to earthly fears

Don't let the faith you're standing in seem to disappear

Praise the Lord -- He can work through those who praise Him -- Praise the Lord

For our God inhabits praise -- Praise the Lord

For the chains that seems to bind you

Serve only to remind you --  that they drop powerless behind you

When you praise Him

Now Satan is a liar and he wants to make us think

That we are paupers when he knows himself we're children of the King

So lift up the mighty shield of faith for the battle must be won

We know that Jesus Christ has risen so the work's already done

Praise the Lord, He can work through those who praise Him -- Praise the Lord

For our God inhabits praise -- Praise the Lord

For the chains that seems to bind you

Serve only to remind you -- that they drop powerless behind you

When you praise Him

When you praise Him

Praise Him, Praise Him

When you praise Him

When you praise Him

When you -- Praise The Lord

Thank God I'm Free

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Thank God I'm Free by the Hemphills

Thank God I'm Free

For a long time I traveled down a long, lonely road
My heart was so heavy, in sin I sank low
Then I heard about Jesus, what a wonderful hour
I'm so glad that I found out
He would bring me out through His saving pow'r

Like a bird out of prison that's taken his flight
Like a blind man that God gave back his sight
Like the poor wretched beggar that's found fortune and fame
I'm so glad that I found out
He would bring me out through His Holy Name

Thank God I'm free, free, free from this world of sin
Washed in the blood of Jesus, I've been born again
Hallelujah, I'm saved, saved, saved by His wonderful grace
I'm so glad that I found out
He would bring me out and show me the way

September 30, 1961

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55 years ago, today, my mom and dad got married.

Grandma & Pap Haring

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My Christian and work-ethic heritage comes from my parents and close relatives like Grandma & Pap Haring:

Grandma Haring was the best Pie Baker this world has ever known!!

Don't let those pants fool you ---  Pap Haring was "Shrewd:  having or showing an ability to understand things and to make good judgments : mentally sharp or clever."  He was co-owner of Stanley Spring Works in Harrisburg.

And that ye study to be quiet, and to do your own business, and to work with your own hands, as we commanded you;

1 Thessalonians 4:11

Pie Baking season has arrived

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Above:  Blackberry --- Blueberry ---   Pumpkin

Below:  Apple with a special topping that my kids really like.

I make the Apple & Pumpkin pies from scratch.  The Blackberry & Blueberry pies are made using Musslemans pie filling.

Grandma Haring at Camp Freedom, St. Petersburg, Florida.  The worlds BEST Pie Baker ever:

Happy 19th Birthday Billy

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Billy is 19 today!!

Locust Lake

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Now that my boys are back in school, my kids and I walked around Locust Lake yesterday --- As always, the walk was very pleasant.

Blogging from Camp Roxbury

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After arriving at camp, we promptly opened up the cabin, unpacked our luggage and savored the fact that one year has quickly gone by yet we are here again!!  PTL.

Within a few minutes of arrival, we said hello to a few friends we haven't seen for awhile, and settled into making this our home for the next several days.

We went for a walk to some of the old land marks, but our very first stop was at the Prayer Chapel to sing a song and offer thanks to our Savior, Jesus Christ.

God has truly been so good to me, and to my kids.

Here's the camp web site.  There are no more printed Roxbury Ripples, but all important info will be put online.

Happy 18th Birthday Pete

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Wow, today was a very special day.  Pete turned 18.

Holly & Pete